About Me


Author of Glam Life of a House Wife

Wife, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend – I’m Emma.

I am fussy, organised, bossy, and I am very opinionated. I love crafting, cooking, eating, drinking, beauty and fashion.

I am also the proud owner of a marvelous husband (Mr Glam) and we have one kid, Ralph – The Pomeranian (Yes I am one of those annoying people that refers to my dog as a child).

Mr Glam and I are both from a town in England called Doncaster, but two years ago decided to spread our wings and move to the states where we currently reside in SoCal (Southern California for those of you not in the know).

I graduated university in 2010 with a BSc Hons Hospitality Business Management with Conference and Events, or as my brother likes to shorten it down to, Colouring In. I’ve not really begun my career yet, I’ve worked for a few different hospitality groups & some small independent businesses in England and in the USA. I believe in myself and know I would be great in my chosen profession… However since I decided America was where I wanted to be my career has had to take the back burner whilst my husband establishes himself. Also because of the incredibly tight and frustrating legalities of living/working abroad its proving difficult to secure a job I want within the visa limits.

Currently I am unemployed living in the states on my husband’s visa. There is only so much cleaning, cooking washing, dog walking one woman can do so I want to start blogging as I start to find my feet a wife and as a way of maintaining my own sanity, giving me some kind of purpose. There isn’t any specific topics I am solely going to concentrate on, I want it to be more of an eclectic blog full of all the things I love, the only rule I have for myself is I am not allowed to moan too much! In 2010 I was diagnosed with PCOS, it affects me on a daily basis so along with everything else I want to share how I live with and cope with it.

Will this blog be funny/witty/successful? Will I update regularly? Will it just be another outlet for me to moan on? Will I get bored and stop blogging after the novelty wears off? Who knows, but I’ll give it a go. So here goes…