Appreciating the little things in life…

A lottery win, a new house, the Chanel handbag I’ve been eyeing up or a new pair of Louboutins would all be wonderful and I’d definitely appreciate them, but things like that don’t come around everyday. That’s why recently I have been trying to appreciate the smaller things in life that you can sometimes take for granted, but are equally just as lovely. You know, like when you walk into the post office and there isn’t a queue or you go to Greggs and snag the last Vanilla Slice. So here are a few of the things I’ve really been grateful for…

1. Gardening with my grandma. I have recently taken to garden and thought I’d give growing my own fruit and veg a go. I feel nothing but pride when I see my little seeds sprouting and doing so well, I may even shed a tear when I see my first tomato – I really take it that seriously. But after growing around 100 tomato plants to the first stage (that’s not an exaggeration) and then being told I have to transplant every single one individually to a bigger pot, I was ready to throw in the towel. My grandma came to the rescue and helped me do it, we had a few casualties because apparently you are not meant to touch the stalks, but that’s ok because we are probably going to be living off tomato salad and soup now for the rest of the year as I have that many. But I just loved doing something with my grandma that we both shared an interest in and it was fun.

glam life housewife gardening with her grandma transplanting tomatoes

2. My own little herb garden. See above, although I cheated a bit on this one and didn’t grow the herbs except the chives from seeds. But I just love it, I can’t wait to cook something and say I used my own herbs. Is this what getting older is all about??

glam life housewife loves gardening here is a pic of her very own herb planter

3. Fresh bedding. Need I say anymore? Everyone loves climbing into bed preferably after a bath and wearing clean pjs, when the sheets are freshly laundered. Inhaling the wonderful scents, and the crisp cold feel after they’ve been air drying on the line all day. If I win the lottery I am employing someone to wash my sheets everyday.

glam life housewife loves getting in to bed when there is fresh bedding

4. The first cup of tea of the day. Especially when Mr Glam makes it and then brings it to me in bed!

glam life housewife loves a cuppa first thing in a morning especially brought to her in bed

5. The smell of fresh paint. And by fresh paint I mean nail polish on my nails! I love a fresh mani/pedi and especially in summer. I am particularly loving a bit of nail art at the moment as I mentioned in my monthly favourites!

glam life housewife is loving nail art at the moment check out this comic book mani

6. Learning to sew. My mum bought a sewing machine for £4 at the car-boot and has been teaching my how to sew. I have even opened up a little Etsy shop called FancyRalph; I am making little Dog bow ties/Dickie Bows out of recycled material and I love it!

glam life housewife is learning how to sew she has opened up an etsy shop selling dog dickie bows

7. My brother playing the piano. Not many people can say they live with a pianist and its something I have definitely taken for granted. I love it when he sits down and has a tinker on the Joanna, especially when its a Disney song!

glam life housewife brother plays piano

8. My blog. I’ve been absolutely loving writing on my blog again and experimenting taking pictures.

What are some of the little things you have been or should be appreciating?

XO Emma.

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