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Last week here in California there were weather warnings put out as temperatures rocketed to a whopping 130F  (54c to you and me) in some places. So with that said; Me, Mr Glam & our friend packed the car and headed out to the desert for the day to visit Calico Ghost Town

Glam house wife day out to calico ghost town in san bernadino

Calico Ghost Town is located in San Bernadino, CA around two hours away from where we live in Orange County. Its an old mining town where they used to mine for Silver back in the day, that has been authentically restored, with lots of little shops, restaurants and activities to do there for a fun day out. It been around since about 1881 according to the little fact sheet pamphlet I was given and when there was a strike all the miners packed up there mules and left, thus resulting in it being a ‘Ghost’ town (no one actually lives/mines there now).

glam house wife day trip to calico ghost town birds eye view


Now other than being slowly cooked alive due to the heat, Calico was absolutely brilliant, I have wanted to go for a very long time and it was worth the wait. Also because of the heat, it wasn’t over crowded which meant when we did the activities there weren’t any queues, we were the only people on them which is obviously better for interacting with the guide *Thumbs Up*.

Just looking around at all the old buildings and in some of the shops they had old clothes, pictures and other artifacts it was just amazing and I felt like a cowboy.

Cost for the day was very cheap it cost $8.00 per adult admission I believe and then it was an additional $6 or so dollars for the three activities they had for you to do.  We didn’t eat there as we had made a packed lunch, but we did purchase lots of drinks and a couple souvenirs to remember the day, which were all fairly priced in my opinion.

glam housewife day out to calico ghost town sheriffs office


The first activity which we paid to do was the ‘mystery tour’ now I won’t ruin for you and tell you what happens all I will say is it was a weird experience that messes with your head and I will leave it at that.  The second activity we did was pan for gold, this is where you get an old iron pan and sieve out the sand in water by moving it round in circular motions, being careful not to just tip it all out hopefully leaving you eventually (after 20 mins if you are Mr Glam) with gold. It is definitely a lot of work and a lot harder than it looks. I turned it into a little friendly competition to see who ended up with the most gold at the end and of course, I won. Thats why I am so happy in this next picture.

calico ghost town panning for fools gold

Then finally we ended the day with our last activity which was walking through and old mine. It was a lot cooler in the mine which was nice and it had things for you to read, and life like models set up in different mining scenarios. Apparently people have had paranormal experiences down in that mine and they do ghost tours in there, thankfully I didn’t see anything!

glam housewife day out to calico ghost town grave of cowboy


All in all a brilliant day and would love to go back there again, maybe when its a bit cooler though 😉

glam housewife and mr glam day out at calico ghost town

xo Emma.

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