Brit Abroad – How Americans Unknowingly Offend Brits…

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Carrying on from my recent post – odd things about America. I thought I would do a three part series starting with how American’s unknowling offend Brits – bless um.

  • Being Overly Enthusiastic in the Cinema – Now listen, no matter how funny/sad/scary something is you will never see a Brit break down. Showing any form of emotion is something we just don’t do, OK? (Unless you are doing the following and then we will let out a big ‘tut’ to express our disgust). Its extremely offensive to us when we have just paid the best part of $20 to see the latest comedy at the cinema and we have to have a running commentary/over the top laughs/clapping and so on from all the American’s in the cinema. Look, we paid for this film we want to watch it in silence so can you please try and contain yourselves, we’d like to get our moneys worth and hear EVERY word!
  • Hugging – It doesn’t matter if you have just met or known each other for 5 years, Americans just love handing out the hugs. Now this doesn’t go for everyone, but whenever I am grabbed and tightly held in the bosom of some stranger for an unacceptable amount of time, I feel rather awkward. IF you must touch me, a handshake would suffice, I mean I just came to Walmart for some milk, we don’t need to hug.
  • Sticking Up Two Fingers – In both America and the UK sticking your middle finger up at someone basically means “F’ YOU” but what Americans don’t realise is that by also doing the backwards peace sign (Index and middle finger) at someone, it also means “F’YOU” to us Brits and we may have to punch you – I didn’t make the rules.
  • Being OTT On The Customer Service – It’s not that we want you to be rude to us, but we just don’t want to have shop assistants dangling from our necks whilst we are in shop. Whenever you walk in to a shop the second your foot crosses the threshold you have some assistant in your face who remains there until you buy something/leave. Just leave me alone! I want to buy my diarrhea pills as discretely as possible, without everyone in the shop knowing what I am there for!
  • Not Letting Any Cars Out In Traffic – I believe when protected and enclosed in a metal shells, the true American comes out. Normally this overly polite, overly caring nation, in a car they are demons! If you are at a junction you literally have to wait until there is a gap because no one will let you out. Who cares if you have been waiting for an hour! Another thing is, if you do let someone else out or wait for someone to pull out of a spot they don’t say thank you!! The Brit way is to stick your hand up palm facing to someone in a car and thank them – rude.
  • Not Buying a Round – Look if you are going to get drinks whether you are there with one person or fifty people, you take turns to buy rounds you don’t just buy yourself a drink! Thats just the way it is.
  • Assuming all Brits are from London – The whole of Britain (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) fits into Texas three times, its not very big at all. But it is not just one bloody city either! We find it offensive you assume we are all from London and also that when you are referring to our country you just say London, not England or Scotland etc.
  • Queuing – We invented queueing, if there is something us Brits are good at it is queueing and if anyone dare push in everyone stood in said queue will let out a synchronised ‘tut’ to alert you to the back of the queue and of our disgust. There’s no lower form of person than a queue jumper. Whoever got there first has to be the first, if the queue is moved you move in order, you don’t run to the front! Dirty pusher.

Aren’t different cultures weird? I should add that I don’t wish to offend anyone, like I said these are UNKNOWINGLY offensive and every country is different. Don’t worry we don’t lose sleep over it, just buy us the next round to make up for it 😉

Is there anything your culture finds offensive that Americans unknowingly do?

Be sure to check back in the next few days to read my post on how Brits unknowingly offend Americans!

xo Emma.

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