Brit Abroad – Odd Things About America

Just thought I would write down a few observations I have made about this wonderful country…

  • Americans LOVE gherkins (pickles) and no matter what I seem to order if one isn’t sneaked into whatever it is I am eating, its lovingly placed at the side as a garnish.
  • You never meet an American who is American. They’re always Irish or German or English or IrishGermanEnglish. You get the drift.
  • At McDonald’s the Regular size is a Large size in England and the Large over here is the Super-size in England. And you can buy 50 piece chicken nugget meals.
  • They call bouncy castles ‘jumpers’.
  • Almost everywhere has a drive through. If you want liquor – drive through, if you want Starbucks – drive through, if you want to pick up your medicine at the chemist – drive through even the banks have drive through cash machines.
  • They call Crisps Chips, Chips Fries and they call fish and chips, fish and chips. I just order and hope for the best most of the time.
  • People can only function if they’ve had coffee, and they have millions of different coffee drinks. I have narrowed my favorite coffee down to a frozen Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream.
  • Its acceptable to eat donuts for your breakfast.
  • Price of petrol here is so cheap compared to England at 61p a liter versus 1.37 in UK.
  • They drop the U’s out of most words like FavoUrite, neighboUr and ColoUr. Thats why my spelling is all over the place, as I type with English spellings and it is corrected to the American spelling on my American laptop.
  • Stop signs. They can’t just drive and wait for a gap to pull out. You have to stop at every junction it seems and wait, taking it in turns to go. I once got pulled over for running a stop sign and the policeman was shocked when I said we don’t have them in England!
  • Traffic lights are suspended in the sky and they take FOREVER to change. You can regularly see me speeding through amber’s avoiding as many reds as possible.
  • You can turn right on a red light. This is a good idea except for the fact that when you’re turning on a red the road you are turning onto, the ‘walk’ sign is on for pedestrians to cross the street and I have almost mowed down around 100+ people.
  • They don’t have dilute cordial (squash) they have packets of powder that you put in to flavoUr your water.
  • You are allowed to own a gun, or fight and be killed for your country at 18 but you cannot legally have a drink until you are 21.
  • The Kardashians.
  • If you have a morning paper it is tossed on your path rather than posted through your front door. Also your mail gets put in a mail box not through the front door – just walk up 10 yards and post it!!!
  • Usually if anyone in uniform (Army, Navy etc) is around people salute and thank them and they get special treatment and discount places. I really love this, I wish we showed our service men more respect in England.
  • No matter how common you are or how rough your accent is, because you’re English American’s think its beautiful.
  • If you ask for pancakes with lemon juice and sugar they wont serve it to you because its not on the menu, but if you ask for a plain pancake with some sugar packets and couple slices of lemon that’s fine.
  • I am English so that automatically makes me from London. Not sure they know that there are other areas of England?
  • Americans don’t tend to eat with a knife & fork, just a fork in their right hand.

I could go on for days, maybe I should make it a weekly blog!

xo Emma.

*disclaimer – take with a pinch of salt, it’s just harmless banter:)

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