What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)

Glam life housewife Emma does a What I Wore Wednesday FBlog so you can see what she wore during the sunny weather

Heres a pic of me in happier sunnier times, when it was summer for a whole weekend in England. This is what I wore…     Necklace – H & M Statement Necklace. Sun Glasses – Dior Jupon 2. Mr Glam got me these as a little Birthday treat after seeing my Spring/Summer Wishlist. Bag more »

Appreciating the little things in life…

glam life housewife is appreciating the small things in life

A lottery win, a new house, the Chanel handbag I’ve been eyeing up or a new pair of Louboutins would all be wonderful and I’d definitely appreciate them, but things like that don’t come around everyday. That’s why recently I have been trying to appreciate the smaller things in life that you can sometimes take for more »

WEIGHTING For My Life to Begin When I am Thin.

glam house wife emma at venice beach. fat woman eating a banana split icecream

I have been reading a few blogs recently written by plus size girls, talking of how happy they are with their bodies, wearing whatever they want, eating whatever they want and actually loving themselves and life regardless of their size. As someone who has been overweight all of my life a part of me wishes more »

Wifestyle – Birthday Blues

Glam Housewife Birthday Blues

“Happy Birthday, birthday girl” When I woke up this morning I had actually forgotten it was my birthday, until my husband reminded me, this NEVER happens. As I’ve mentioned before I can’t wait for anything, I am really impatient and this usually goes for my birthday too. I always feel as if there is some more »

What I’ve Been Upto Wednesday

palm springs holiday inn express travelling vacation

So its been exactly one month (and no I didn’t plan it!) since I have done any kind of blog, to be fair the blogs were already starting to get fewer and farther between. I have been super busy though and a tiny bit lazy, I even thought I probably wouldn’t return to blogging as I don’t more »

TMI Tuesday – I’ll Start the Diet Tomorrow…

Little Glam Wife

I’ve never been a thin person, I would say the closest I’ve been to thin is probably ‘normal’ and that was in primary school. Even when I was probably considered ‘normal’ my mum said I was always ‘solid’ as if my bones were made of lead, and no one could pick me up without giving more »

Brit Abroad – Big Bear Mountain

View from Big Bear Mountain

So one of the perks of living in America, is that at the weekend me and Mr Glam can play the tourists and pretend we are on holiday! We absolutely love filling up our weekends with discovering new places locally and a little bit beyond. We have travelled around America a lot and do intend more »

Brit Abroad – Coming To America

San Francisco Skyline

Whenever I go anywhere, walking around, I am just a regular person, but as soon as I open my mouth and say something it’s as if I am some kind of celebrity or royalty. People’s ears prick up, their eyes become more focused on me and their lips are edged with a smile. You see, more »

TMI Tuesday – Brotherly Love…


For my three little brothers who aren’t so little anymore… I am the eldest of four, having been cursed blessed with three younger brothers who are 2, 5 and 7 years younger than me. Growing up I was desperate for a sister, do you know what it is like planning three times for a sister more »