WEIGHTING For My Life to Begin When I am Thin.

glam house wife emma at venice beach. fat woman eating a banana split icecream

I have been reading a few blogs recently written by plus size girls, talking of how happy they are with their bodies, wearing whatever they want, eating whatever they want and actually loving themselves and life regardless of their size. As someone who has been overweight all of my life a part of me wishes more »

TMI Tuesday – I’ll Start the Diet Tomorrow…

Little Glam Wife

I’ve never been a thin person, I would say the closest I’ve been to thin is probably ‘normal’ and that was in primary school. Even when I was probably considered ‘normal’ my mum said I was always ‘solid’ as if my bones were made of lead, and no one could pick me up without giving more »

TMI Tuesday – Brotherly Love…


For my three little brothers who aren’t so little anymore… I am the eldest of four, having been cursed blessed with three younger brothers who are 2, 5 and 7 years younger than me. Growing up I was desperate for a sister, do you know what it is like planning three times for a sister more »