Brit Abroad – Calico Ghost Town

glam housewife day out to calico ghost town road sign

Last week here in California there were weather warnings put out as temperatures rocketed to a whopping 130F  (54c to you and me) in some places. So with that said; Me, Mr Glam & our friend packed the car and headed out to the desert for the day to visit Calico Ghost Town… Calico Ghost more »

What I’ve Been Upto Wednesday

palm springs holiday inn express travelling vacation

So its been exactly one month (and no I didn’t plan it!) since I have done any kind of blog, to be fair the blogs were already starting to get fewer and farther between. I have been super busy though and a tiny bit lazy, I even thought I probably wouldn’t return to blogging as I don’t more »

Brit Abroad – Odd Things About America


Just thought I would write down a few observations I have made about this wonderful country… Americans LOVE gherkins (pickles) and no matter what I seem to order if one isn’t sneaked into whatever it is I am eating, its lovingly placed at the side as a garnish. You never meet an American who is more »

Brit Abroad – Viva Las Vegas

Welcome to the fabulous las vegas sign

When we used to live in the UK, Doncaster to be exact, we would sometimes go away for the weekend to Mr Glams static caravan in the sleepy seaside town of Dawlish in Devon. It would take us about 5-6 hours usually, extremely long boring drive down the M5 but it was a cheap weekend more »