Cleaning Tip – Getting Nail Varnish Out of Carpets!

**Warning images contained in this blog may be distressing to some readers – particularly nail art fans**


So yesterday I had a little accident…This happened;

Spilled nail polish


I keep all my nail varnishes in plastic storage boxes and yesterday after I finished doing my nails, I picked up the box and didn’t realize I just had a hold of the lid so the bottom fell off and out fell all my nail varnish.

Now I wasn’t running, I didn’t throw it, it wasn’t from an incredibly high height and it landed on our lovely soft bouncy cream carpet. So when I noticed that there were some casualties, I was rather upset! I had to throw away a couple OPI’s, *sob* China Glaze, and a Barry M but of course all the cheap old ones I never wear escaped!

But what was actually worse than throwing away some of my beloved collection was the HORRIFIC stains on my cream carpet, I knew this was VERY bad and I knew that I had to immediately do something before it dried.

Nail polish spill on cream carpet


It got a lot worse before it got better and it took TWO HOURS of non stop scrubbing, patting and wiping. And by the time Mr Glam walked in I was hysterically crying into the carpet. So I’m just going to give you some tips in case you end up in this situation like I did!

  1. First of all it is a lot easier to get out nail polish when it is still wet, so act quickly.
  2. Make sure you scoop up the excess with a knife being careful not to spread it further.
  3. Pour a TINY bit of nail varnish remover/acetone onto a wash cloth NOT the carpet directly as it can dissolve the lining. also if you have a dark carpet possibly avoid using this all together as it could stain and lighten the carpet. Just try soap water.
  4. PAT do not rub the spot!
  5. Also use some soapy water on the area, then rinse with clean hot water.
  6. Repeat until its out!


You can also use a little hairspray and a tooth brush on the difficult parts! I just kept doing the procedures above for two hours and I am really happy with the results! Yes its got a little green tinge but its hardly noticeable*. Just make sure you don’t give up, it definitely got worse before it got better but I carried on going until it was all out!

Hope this was helpful!

xo Emma.


*If you don’t look at it.


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