Mani Monday – Cartoon Nails

Sorry for the lack of posts, been really busy/lazy as of late and its always hard getting back into the swing of things! So to kick start me back on my blogging I thought I would do a nice and simple Mani Monday to ease me back in, enjoy!


So for this mani all you will need is 3 nail polishes and a small striping brush or a toothpick.

mani monday what you will need for cartoon nails

Now I am going to show you two different ways to do part of this Mani which may make it easier for you to do if you are a nail art beginner or you aren’t as good with your non dominant hand.  So if you are comfortable and capable of drawing small details with your non dominant hand go a head and paint your nail the main color  – I chose my Rimmel London I Love Fruties – Strawberry Fizz


If you are not too good at painting straight lines yet or you don’t have any nail art brushes, paint your nail all black. I used my Sinful Colors – Black on Black I have painted mine alternate to show you how to do this design either way.

mani monday cartoon nails easy and hard way


So if you have decided to go the pink way then take your striping brush and outline around your nail like so;

mani monday cartoon nails how to


If you have painted your nails black then just using the pink nail polish only paint a square in the middle of your nail. You may need a couple of coats to cover the black but you will see the results look pretty much the same no matter which way you do it. The black base and painting a pink square on top is a lot easier though!

mani monday cartoon nails how to


Then taking your striping brush or a toothpick take some white nail polish, I used my W7 – White and draw an exclamation mark on one side close to the black outline like below.

mani monday cartoon nails how to


Paint a top coat to protect the design and you’re done! See wasn’t that simple? The nails look just like cartoon nails!

Mani monday cartoon nails how to


xo Emma.

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