Mani Monday – Colour Blocking Corner Accents

So technically it is still winter, however living in California the sun is mostly always shining and if you have thick skin like me, you are already wearing shorts some days. I was wondering how to do my nails this week, now that we’ve had Christmas and new years and like I said the weather is nice I am getting a little carried away and want to embrace spring BUT then again I have so many beautiful deep dark colors I haven’t had chance to wear this ‘winter’ yet. With that I am going to pretend I am back in England still sporting my heavy knit wear and stick with a dark color, but I thought I would do a little color blocking and incorporate a little bit of spring in my design – aren’t I clever!

Does anyone else go this deep when thinking about how they are going to paint their nails? No? Just me then. Anyway! Lets get started its very simple!

So all you are going to need to do this simple tutorial is two different contrasting colours and some tape.

what you need for color blocking nail art tutorial

Start by painting a base coat to protect your natural nail, I am using my Sally Hansen – Double Duty Base and Top Coat.

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

Then apply the base colour you have chosen. I chose Color Club – Status Update for my main colour and only needed one coat, but apply two if yours isn’t as opaque.

Once your first colour has dried take small pieces of tape (1-2cm long) and rub them on the back of your hand to remove some of the ‘sticky’ – this prevents it ripping off the nail varnish you already have on! Then place the tape diagonally near the corner of your nail and paint on your second chosen colour. I chose Nails Inc London – Haymarket. Makesure you pull of the tape as soon as you have paint the desired area before it dries and it will leave you with a neat little corner pop of colour!

how to color block nail art

Finish with a top coat and you are done, see I told you it was simple!

finished color  block nail art look

Let me know which two colours you like to wear together.

xo Emma.

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