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Hello glamsters!

So with Easter coming up I thought I would show you how to do a couple of different Easter nail themed nail designed. I did a few different designs and would wear it as pictured, but if it is too much for you, you could just take on of the designs and have all nails matching, just do an accent nail or two – whatever you like! But I will tell you how to do each design/pattern.  They are all very easy to do and very cute:) So lets get started…

For this design you will need quite a few different colors in total I used 7. You will also need a dotting tool or if you don’t have a dotting tool you could use a tooth pic.

mani monday easter nail art how to design what you will need

Start with a base coat to protect your natural nail. I always use my Sally Hansen – Double Duty Base and Top Coat.

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

Then I paint each of your nails a different color. I painted mine according to which pattern I thought would look best on the base coat. For instance I did my index nail my yellow using my Urban Outfitters – UV polish as I knew this would be good for the chick, my ring finger my orange Urban Outfitters – Hangover as I knew the white for the Easter Bunny would stand out against it. I just chose other bright, spring colors for the other fingers which were Urban Outfitters – Overcrowded, Rimmel London – Strawberry Fizz and Barry M – Mint Green 304.

Mani Monday Easter Nail Art Base Coat

For the chick design – Take a white polish (I used my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – 300 White On) and just using the brush in the polish , pulling down at an angle about 1/3 down your nail make a zig zag pattern and fill in. (I am using an old pic below to show you how, thats why its a different nail!)

easter mani monday nail art

Then when you have the pattern above just take your dotting tool with a little black and make two eyes, then take some orange on your dotting tool and do a tiny beak and you have a cute little chick design!

mani monday easter nail art

For the Easter Bunny design – about 1/3 down your nail using your white polish do a half moon pattern with two thin ears going to the top of the nail. Take your dotting tool and some black polish and do two little eyes, a nose then lightly drag out little whiskers. Then using pink polish draw two little lines in the ears and you have a bunny.

mani monday easter nail art

On two nails I went for a simple polka dot design, very easy I just used my dotting tool to randomly dot my nail using my white polish.

mani monday easter nail art dotting

Finally I did an Easter egg type design on my middle finger. You can do any patter, with any colours you like but try to stick to just 3 colors as you don’t want to over kill! I striped, dotted and did a zig zag pattern just using my dotting tool.

mani monday easter nail art egg design

and voila! you are done. Use a top coat to seal in the design. Happy Easter!

mani monday easter nail art how to

xo Emma.

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  1. These are so cute!!! I like them all mismatched, going to have to try this x

    • Make sure you post a picture on Twitter @glamlifeofawife with a hash tag #EasterMani and let me know how you got on with it!

      xo Glam Wife.

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