Mani Monday – Leopard Print Nails

Leopard print the staple pattern of anyone’s wardrobe, or at least that’s how I feel! I can’t get enough of it (But that’s possibly another blog). So whenever I can’t think of anything else to do on my nails I go for my old fav. Really simple, but looks great and as if you spent hours doing it! I’ve even been asked a couple times if they are the nail foils/transfers, receiving gasps and impressed looks when I tell people I do them myself!

So to do this look you will need a colour for the base, I usually go for a nude or light brown, a darker colour for the spots so they stand out and a black to go around the edges. I use a dotting tool to outline round the spots but you can use a tooth pick, a match or anything with a small point!

What you need for leopard print manicure ciate nail varnish

So start by painting a base coat to protect your natural nail. I always use my Sally Hansen Double Duty – Base and Top Coat

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

Then apply one or two coats of your base colour, you want a good coverage! I went with Ciate – Cookies and Cream

Ciate Cookies and Cream nail polish

Dab onto your nail around 3-4 roundish shapes, varying in size, on each nail using your darker ‘spots’ colour. I went with Ciate – Cupcake Queen and I put a little glitter on my spots just to jazz it up a bit using Ciate – Magic Carpet.

painting spots with ciate cupcake queen

Then go around the spots with a black using your brush, toothpick whatever you are using. I don’t go all the way around the spots I just do a little on each side as you will see in the picture! IF you are wanting some dotting tools they’re really cheap and you can get some just like mine on Amazon!

outlining spots with dotting tool

Wait for it to dry and apply a top coat to finish the look and you are done!

leopard print DIY Mani Monday

How easy was that?! You can do the standard leopard print colors or you can mix it up and try out crazy colors. Let me know which color combos you like.

xo Emma.

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