Mani Monday – Candy Cane Accent Nails

‘Tis the season where we all get into the Christmas spirit, some more than others *ahem*. So for the next few Mani Mondays I am going to do Christmas themed nail art!

I thought with a nice simple, fairly subtle, design to ease you all into the spirit – Candy Cane accent nails…

Start by applying a base coat to protect your natural nail. I use this Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top coat.

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat

Then go ahead and paint your nails a festive colour. I chose Finger Paints – Expressionist Red, but you can do them which ever colour you like, making sure the ring finger is different – for this I chose Zoya – Ivanka.

Wait for it to dry

Then I would advise striping using just two colours, if you go for more than two it will be too much! So I chose Finger Paints Expressionist Red & Barry M – Gold 320 Foil Affects. Now this is the tricky part if you have nail art brushes choose the skinny striping brush and I would do 3 stripes of one colour and two of the other alternating and varying in size. I use the M.O.S.H nail art brushes.

Or if you don’t have brushes you can do the second option (which is probably easier actually) of using tape to make the stripes. Makesure though, that before sticking the tape on to your nails you have stuck on the back of your hand for a while and removed most of the sticky, otherwise it will pull off your base coat!

Once the stripes are dry for a little extra Christmas sparkle I added Some OPI Nicole – Bright Idea on the green stripes & then finished with a top coat so the nails look glossy.

And your done – fabulously fun & festive if I do say so myself!

xo Emma

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