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Hi Glamsters, Sorry its a bit late but to be fair Birch Box were a bit late sending it to me! The theme for this month was “Red Carpet Ready” which is very applicable to me as I live near LA & even went down to try and catch a glimpse of the stars arriving to the Oscars – so lets get stuck in:)

birch box red carpet ready

Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hair Spray – Mini Size. I have used rockaholic before I love the funky packaging and I do like the brand. It does have a heavy scent that isn’t too pleasant but it is a nice flexible hairspray. I also appreciate the mini size so it can go in my handbag for nights out ready for those bathroom touch up times!

birch box red carpet ready rockaholic hair spray

Secret Agent Natural Pink Shimmer Plumping Gloss – I am not a fan of the plumping gloss I don’t like the way it feels usually however this one isn’t too bad it just feels as if I put vicks vapour rub on my lips – like a cool minty feeling. It isn’t too sticky but it does feel a little sandy  as I can feel the bits of shimmer in it which I don’t like. The color is nice, again it will be good to put in my handbag ready for bathroom touch ups on a night out.

birch box red carpet ready secret agent plumping lip gloss

Juicy Couture Couture La LA Eau De Parfume I love Juicy fragrances my favorite is Viva La Juicy, this one is also lovely. Smells light and floral perfect for spring/summer! Definatley something I’d be interested in purchasing.

birch box juicy couture couture la la

Twistband – I have a few of these twistbands all from Birch Box they’re supposed to be better for your hair, preventing split ends and all that other stuff you get with other ties!I do agree that the are softer on your hair and don’t get tangled etc, but what I also find is they don’t look as neat in your hair and I like my pony tails to be tight and I can’t get it as tight with the twistband.

birch box red carpet ready twistband

I also got a Ghirardelli square with caramel, which I devoured whilst looking through all my goodies and it was yummy!

birch box read carpet ready ghiradelli

What box did you get this month?

xo Emma.

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