Wifestyle – Birthday Blues

Glam Housewife Birthday Blues

"Happy Birthday, birthday girl" When I woke up this morning I had actually forgotten it was my birthday, until my husband reminded me, this NEVER … [Continue reading]

What I’ve Been Upto Wednesday

palm springs holiday inn express travelling vacation

So its been exactly one month (and no I didn't plan it!) since I have done any kind of blog, to be fair the blogs were already starting to get fewer … [Continue reading]

Mani Monday – Cartoon Nails

Mani monday cartoon nails how to

Sorry for the lack of posts, been really busy/lazy as of late and its always hard getting back into the swing of things! So to kick start me back on … [Continue reading]

Worth the Hype Wednesday – Maybelline Color Tattoo


This week I thought I'd talk about a staple beauty item of mine that is a permanent fixture in my 'everyday makeup drawer: Maybelline Color Tattoo … [Continue reading]

Product Review – SensatioNAIL Gel Nail Kit


Now when I first ever got my SensatioNAIL I didn't do any research, I just happened to see a video over a year ago,on YouTube about it and immediately … [Continue reading]

TMI Tuesday – 50 Random Facts About Me Tag


So I saw this tag floating around and I thought I would give it a spin. It's actually quite difficult thinking of 50 things about yourself! A bit … [Continue reading]

Brit Abroad – Odd Things About America


Just thought I would write down a few observations I have made about this wonderful country... Americans LOVE gherkins (pickles) and no matter what … [Continue reading]

March into Spring

March into Spring Glam Life of a Housewife

Its here yippeee! The long awaited first day of spring... or is it? Now its been rather hot here in California for the last month, we even had a … [Continue reading]

Worth The Hype Wednesday – LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Removing Wipes

Items in SneakPeeq Box

So I got my LA Fresh Makeup Removing wipes in my Sneak Peeq box that I got around Christmas and ever since I first tried them I fell in … [Continue reading]

Mani Monday – St Patrick’s Day

st patricks day manicure monday nail art

I've decided to run with another upcoming 'holiday' and do a St. Patrick's day theme for my nails this week. As always the designs are really simple, … [Continue reading]