Product Review – Julep Maven Monthly Subscription

Now you know me, I am a sucker for a good monthly description. Currently working my way through them all so that I can recommend the best for you lovely readers, not because I enjoy receiving monthly treats at all 😉

The latest box I decided to give a go was Julep. This box is a little different to all the rest I have tried as it is a mani/pedi subscription, so I was very excited when I came across it.

Like many of the monthly subscriptions, before you sign up you have to take a style quiz and become a Maven. Its much like many of the other quizzes asking what your style is, whether you like glitzy or chic etc and it allows them to select colors and put together the perfect box for you each month according to your answers. And don’t worry if they don’t get it completely right, they allow you to preview your box and if you don’t like it you can get a different one, send the box to a friend or you can just not purchase it that month. When I took the quiz I came out as a Bombshell – A confident frill-seeker with magnetic appeal. They know me so well.

The price per month to get this subscription is $19.99 which is fairly expensive and definitely one of the pricier boxes. However you usually receive at least two nail polishes and another product such as cuticle cream, hand lotion etc. It is also very easy to just order when and what you want without being scared about being trapped in some kind of contract. which I particularly like.

Now on to my actual box;

First of all it did arrive very soon after I order which makes me confident they post things when they say they’re going to! Unlike some other monthly subscriptions where they seem to come 1-2 weeks after they are supposedly sent out.

The box was just a standard box nothing special, which is ashame, I do love a good box! All the items were neatly packaged inside with the standard little welcome notes on top explaining what everything is.

Julep maven monthly subscription box for glam housewife to review

In my Bombshell Intro Box I received two nail polishes, a sample of a foot scrub and a full size foot cream, as shown below;

Julep Maven monthly subscription box for bombshell glam housewife review


Now like I said I you view what box has been selected for you before you agree to purchase, so I already knew what I was going to receive. What I didn’t know what how big the products actually were, what the quality was going to be like, how the polish was going to apply etc as I had never used a Julep product.

I have to say at first glance I was extremely pleased with how everything looked, so lets get into the individual products.

Nail Polish;

I got two colors Madison which is a coral color and Oscar which is a gold glitter. First of all I absolutely love the packaging, the square bottles, they look and feel expensive, like a high quality brand. Practically though how they are shaped makes it difficult to stand the bottle up, whilst dipping in and out one handed without constantly knocking it over. Also one other thing that REALLY bothered me about the packaging; on top of the brush handle of the polish is a little ‘swatch’ sticker, which I actually thought was genius and loved. However, how am I supposed to get the polish on to the sticker as it is on the top of the brush??? Might I suggest you pop the stickers in the box separately and let us swatch and apply them once they are dry? Just a thought.

Madison looked a lot more pink on the website than it does in real life. Although it is still a lovely color it does bother me slightly that if I were to order a color it might not be what I thought it was when it arrives! As for application, the brush is very nicely shaped and sized making good application and the polish was a really nice consistency that glided on and only needed two coats for full coverage. Also I noticed when applying and when it had dried it had a bit of a fruity scent to it and Mr Glam even commented it smelt nice, so extra points for that!

Oscar is my favorite of the two polishes. It’s great coverage (which you don’t get without applying a million coats with some nail polish) and it is extremely shiny and sparkly, which I love. I have infact used it every time I’ve painted my nails since I got it. Its also good because with us now going into Autumn winter I can still use a bit of sparkle to brighten up my darker mani/pedi and for a bit of glitz when we get into the Christmas party season. LOVE.

glam housewife review julep maven monthly subscription bombshell intro box

glam housewife review julep maven monthly subscription bombshell intro box

Julep Mint Condition Pedi Creme – I love the packaging for this product. For some reason I associate products related to feet as a bit gross however the box and the actual tube itself was is very girly and I love the ombre color on the tube! I’d happily have this foot cream out on the side for people to see!

The cream itself is thick and luxurious with a crisp minty smell. You just apply the cream to the tops and bottoms of your feet and it instantly soaks in leaving your feet noticeably softer (and smelling noticeably better!). This isn’t a product I would use everyday but where I live it is very hot at the moment so my feet are always in sandals, so I don’t want horrible dry, scabby looking feet on display! I also like using it when I am having a bit of a pamper evening, as a special treat for my feet.

glam housewife review julep maven monthly subscription bombshell intro box mint condition creme


The surprise – Instant Warming Foot Scrub. I can’t comment too much on this product as I haven’t yet had a chance to try it. But what I will say is it was a bit of a disappointing ‘surprise’. It does seem a little small as well, I have size 10 boat feet, not sure this little packet will have enough product for one foot, but we shall see.

glam housewife review julep maven monthly subscription bombshell intro box instant warming foot scrub

Overall I am very happy with this box and the products I received. I do believe I got very good value for money and would order Julep again, maybe just not every month. Their website is also very nice and offers a wide range of beauty products including, skincare, hair, body and makeup items. As well as all the wonderful mani/pedi products and the vast range of nail polishes, of which I have my eye on a few for the Autumn season. If you sign up and become a Maven you do receive 20% off all the products and free delivery also which I think it a pretty good deal! So if you are a nail polish junkie like me and looking for your next fix give Julep a go, you wont be disappointed.


xo Emma.

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