Product Review – SensatioNAIL Gel Nail Kit

Now when I first ever got my SensatioNAIL I didn’t do any research, I just happened to see a video over a year ago,on YouTube about it and immediately went out and bought it. I’d never seen these at home gel nail kits before where as now they’re EVERYWHERE. Honestly I used it only once and I wasn’t very impressed the color was transparent in patches, looked streaky & it seemed to chip with the first couple of days. Of course I didn’t have any acetone so couldn’t get the stuff off and my nails looked horrible for weeks! So then it went in the cupboard and didn’t come out until the beginning of this year when my friends came to visit. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my nails amongst playing hostess with the mostest and tour guide for 2 weeks so I thought I would give my SensatioNAIL another try, armed with acetone should it go wrong and guess what, I LOVE it. So I thought I would give it a little review for anyone interested in investing in one of these little babies!

So like I said I bought my SensatioNAIL starter kit around a year ago from Walmart for $49.98 and the starter kit comes with gel cleanser, gel primer, Raspberry Wine color gel polish, gel base and top coat, double-sided nail buffer, lint-free wipes, manicure stick and an LED lamp. This might seem a little steep but is definitely one of the more affordable home gel kits and once you have an LED lamp you can us any brands you like basically as it is the lamp that sets the gel. I should add that you can get SensatioNAIL at Target, most drugstores or online. You can also look at their website for all their products but you can’t purchase on there.


Then after you have the starter kit you can just buy which ever colors you want individually, when I first got mine they only had a few but now they have lots and lots. They have glitter ones which are fab, magnetic ones, textured ones, seasonal sets, anything you can think of basically and they’re constantly bringing new ones out! The gel polishes individually are $9.97 from Walmart, which might seem a little pricey but Essie nail polish can be around $7-8 and that can chip where as this stuff is extremely heavy duty. I think if you are someone who likes a bargain you just have to think about the cost of a gel mani at the salon at around $25-30 every time, makes this kit so worth it. At the moment I only have 5 colors including the one that came with the starter kit, but I am definitely going to invest in more for the summer!


It takes around 30minutes to do my nails with this kit which really isn’t bad, and I am pretty sure I could do it quicker if I wanted to. There really is NO dry time at all, it’s quite weird whenever you first do it because you are scared they might smudge but they seriously are rock hard and set after the last step. Usually my nails last two weeks and then I just soak the gel off with pure acetone, but they remain shiney and chip free. Like I said when my friends came it was so great having beautiful manicured hands the whole time and not have to touch up my nails, I even sent my friend home with a gel mani!

Being a stay at home wife, although I have plenty of time usually to do my nails and I love doing them, I am cleaning, washing pots, sorting the dog out etc etc and my nails chip so easily that its nice to just have a heavy duty mani that is going to last! One thing I will say about this set though is that it says just do two coats of the gel color polish but depending on the color I tend to do on average 3 just so it’s not as streaky or opaque, but honestly you only have to cure it under the lamp for an extra minute so it’s not really a big deal.

All in all, great little kit and would definitely recommend to anyone looking into home gel nails. Below is a pic of my mani that I have just done ready for going away to San Francisco and my parents visiting. I used my latest color Taupe Tulip, it’s a classic nude that gods perfectly with all my spring outfits and transitions well from day to night looks.


Did you try SensatioNAIL? Have you got another home gel manicure kit? What do you think?

Let me know!

Xo Emma.

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