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As I’m sure you all know by now I love getting my monthly subscriptions, and Mr Glam certainly knows it! So whenever he sees a different one I haven’t tried, he always gets me it! This month he got me a couple as ‘stocking stuffers’ for Christmas.

I had never heard of Sneak Peeq and I believe it is relatively new. It describes it self as a mystery box designed for the girl who has it all… I don’t know why Mr Glam would think that’s me?  *ahem*

SneakPeeq Monthly Subscription Box

When I first got the box it was bigger than all other monthly subscription boxes I’ve received, florescent pink, with a lovely bow printed on it *squeals with excitement* – this has got to be the mother of all monthly subscriptions. So I dive right in… and what a disappointment! I feel led on by this box, it enticed me with its little card saying it’s filled with deluxe gifts AND it said I was a lucky winner of a $100 worth of extra stuff inside. You can imagine my disappoint when I glance in to see what I got and I have a reusable shopping bag, face wipes, skin primer, forehead line reducing patches and a small roll-on perfume. I even tore out all the paper straw that padded the box to double check for my extra stuff, nada!

Inside SneakPeeqExtra goodies voucher

I will give it to you Sneak Peeq, I didn’t have any of this stuff, but that’s because I didn’t want any of it!

The box cost $31.39 which isn’t mega bucks, granted, but I think it is definitely not good value for money. I’ve had a better look over what I got and the reusable shopper (my other bag), yeah it’s OK, girly, feels durable and nice handbag print on it, but I won’t ever use it for anything other than groceries, LA Fresh face wipes are face wipes. The perfume smells like old ladies/charity shop, the forehead wrinkle strips are covered in little black bits from the paper padding in the box so wont even get to test those. The Chella skin firming daily primer – I’ve researched online and it says it’s worth $90, I am going to give it a go, but really, I would have just preferred $90 of lots of little goodies. OK so just gone to use my Chella Skin and the pump is broken so I can’t even use the product! This makes me extremely mad!

My Other Bag reusable bag Items in SneakPeeq Box

All in all, disappointing. I actually asked my husband to see if we could send this box back – do you know how much stuff I could get at Forever 21 with $31?! However it says on the website no exchanges or refunds, I think any company that has this policy isn’t confident in their product! Needless to say I will not be purchasing again.

Have you ever got SneakPeeq? How did you feel about it? Did you get the same stuff as me?

xo Emma

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  1. Hello Emma!

    Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog about this box. I’m sad to hear that you were disappointed with your mystery box because I was more than thrilled with mine. I was thinking what to do with the reusable bag and realized that I can also use it as a beach bag since it’s so cute :)

    I don’t know if you are familiar with LaFresh wipes, but I received a sample in one of my Birchboxes and they have been on my wishlist ever since. I use wipes every day as my evening pre-cleanse routine. These are the best ones out of all the wipes I have tried, and I’ve been through about two dozen various brands. So they might look like “just a pack of wipes” but they’re actually amazing! I hope you can give them a try :)

    The perfume experience is obviously very individual, and I can see people disliking certain fragrances and other people loving these same fragrances. I don’t think Sneakpeeq should have sent out something like that to begin with.

    That sucks that your Furlesse strips had residue on them, mine didn’t but they easily could have judging from the way they were packaged :(

    I have not opened my Chella product (which was a night cream, not a serum), but if your pump was broken to begin with you should probably contact the manufacturer rather than Sneakpeeq. If it was a manufacturing defect they should be able to replace your product or maybe even send you some freebies as an apology. I’ve done this several times whenever I had defective products in my subscription boxes with positive results every time.

    I hope that was helpful! :)


    • Hi Anastasia,

      Thanks so much for your reply! I am kind of new to all this stuff. I did try out the wipes and I agree that they are pretty good, the best I’ve tried actually but still, they’re something I would have expected to receive in my BirchBox not in this box – I had higher expectations.

      I am going to going to take your advice and contact the manufacturer regarding the Chella Product!

      I hope to see you back on my blog soon:)

      GlamWife xo

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