Spring/Summer Wishlist


Not going to bore you with the excuses as to where I have been – truthfully? Long story short, I have moved back home to the motherland (England) and I just couldn’t get back into the swing of things! But there’s nothing like that single ray of  British sun, breaking free from behind the clouds, against all odds, beaming down, provoking wonderful happy thoughts about all the great things you will definitely NEED, for spring/summer.

So here are 10 things I have got my eye on and some of them I have already convinced Mr Glam I can’t live without, that are going to be staples in my wardrobe and life this summer.



High Waisted Bikini – Now my dream for this summer was to sport a bikini, something I’ve not done for YEARS. However I am  still not quite there yet with this dream, so its been postponed until next summer now (maybe, depending on if I can resist cake). But what I do think I could pull off and feel comfortable in is a high waisted bikini. I’ve been looking around the highstreet without much luck, but there are a few online beauties I have my eye on.  Here is one of my faves from ASOS.

glam life housewife discussing pulling of this striped high waisted bikini from ASOS


No. 2

Denim Jacket – A classic staple in anyones wardrobe during the 90’s but they’re making a big come back. Whether thrown over a maxi skirt, paired with pixi pants and a casual tee or draped over a floral jumpsuit there are so many options and NEEDS for a denim jacket in ones wardrobe. Unless you plan to do the ultimate cardinal sin of DOUBLE DENIM, they have a fit for everyone. I have seen one I like at Dorothy Perkins, not too light, not too dark, brass buttons but I have yet to commit to the purchase until I have checked everywhere that there isn’t a better one for me. Until then here is the one I am currently eyeing up.

Dorothy perkins dark indigo denim jacket summer must have 2014 brass buttons


Statement Necklace – It used to be earrings for me, I probably have over 100 pairs and thats after a major clear out. But now the pat butchers have been hung up to rest and its all about the statement necklace. Im loving them on a night out when I am all glamed up but also, strangely, even over a casual tee they just make everything look so good and even the simplest of outfits can be jazzed up and changed with a new necklace. Here are a few of my favourites that I own all from H&M.
Glam life of a housewife spring summer 2014 must have statement necklaces from h&m Zara

No. 4

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Perfume – what a lovely name eh?! I went away last weekend to Amsterdam and as is tradition Mr Glam made a cheeky Duty-Free purchase and got me this scent. Its a light, fresh, floral summery scent that sweetly lingers on you all day – sold myself with that description. Oh and the bottle alone sold me, sits so pretty on my vanity.

 glam life of a housewife spring summer wish list 2014 marc jacobs eau so fresh perfume is a must have


Vans Trainers – Never really been into trainers, but since I am now back living in England I can no longer live in Flip-Flops (I miss Cali!). I bought two pairs of plimsoll trainer type things from Primark for £3 each (last of big spenders) just to see if I would wear them and I’ve worn them to death! Now I would like another more substantial pair.  So I have had my eye on some vans, summery yet practical for days when you are unsure if its going to rain or not. I just can’t decide though between the ombre or the floral print – what do you think?

Vans floral authentic slim shoes vans ombre womens authentic thin shoe


Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in all the colours! I love a good Barry M product but I particularly like their range of Gelly Nail Polish. Whilst in America, I couldn’t get my hands on any as they don’t sell the brand in the states, but now that I am back I intend to stock up! They give brilliant coverage, excellent shine and last pretty well on your nails. Here are some of my favourite colours I’ve recently picked up and a little nail art I did.

glam life of a housewife spring summer 2014 must haves wishlist barry m jelly nail polish in every shade


Dior Jupon 2 Sun Glasses – Just in case the sun does come out I’d like to be prepared and I am loving these Dior glasses. I think the cat eye will compliment the shape of my face and the dark tortoise shell like pattern goes well with whatever you are wearing!

Spring summer wishlist 2014 for glam life housewife is these Dior Jupon cat eye sunglasses

No. 8

Kim Kardashian Highlights – ever since I got married in September 2012 I have had plain dark brown hair, as I wanted to keep it classic for my wedding and I’ve not really  known what to do with it ever since. Now I would like to go considerably lighter for summer and can envisage myself with beautiful golden caramel highlights like Kim Kardashian. Just not sure I can pull it off!

Kim Kardashian Highlights light hair for spring summer

No. 9

Body Shop Honey Bronzer – Because we all need a little glow. I have heard such good reviews about this product, it looks appealing in its packaging and is extremely affordable. A good bronzer can do so much for you face and this is one I want to be adding to my make-up collection!

glam life of a housewife spring summer wishlist for 2014 body shop honey bronzer for natural glow

No. 10

A puppy – because I always just need a puppy. But in the meantime here is my little angel Ralph looking happy during the 5 mins of sun we have had so far this year. #GreatBritishSummerTime If you’d like to see more cute pictures Ralph has a website, just click on his name!

Ralph the cute and fluffy pomeranian from poms not bombs in the dandelions is glam life of a housewifes beloved pet


What’s on you spring/summer wishlist?


XO Emma.



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