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“Happy Birthday, birthday girl”

When I woke up this morning I had actually forgotten it was my birthday, until my husband reminded me, this NEVER happens. As I’ve mentioned before I can’t wait for anything, I am really impatient and this usually goes for my birthday too. I always feel as if there is some magical force field around me, glowing, making me look and feel extra radiant whenever 20th May rolls around. But not this year and I am not sure why.

It could be that as my birthday has fallen on a Monday this year I will be spending it home alone until Mr Glam gets in? No, not that.

Maybe it’s because I’m practically dead to all my brothers who never send a card but have also given up even wishing me a ‘happy birthday’ for FREE over Twitter or Facebook? No, not that.

Or it might be that I don’t have any friends here to go for a drink with, no family here to have a special dinner with and I spent the day instead doing nice things for other peoples birthday, graduation, bachelorette and nothing for myself? No, not that.

Well actually maybe it is all those things, but on top of that, its the realisation that I am not where I thought I would be in life yet and in fact, I am far from it. When I was younger and the years were creeping up I can remember thinking at 15

“It’s OK, Britney Spears wasn’t discovered until she was 16, there’s time yet to be famous”

Then my 16 birthday came around and I thought to myself

“It’s OK, Girls Aloud weren’t discovered until they were older, there’s time yet to be famous”

I can’t even sing, so god knows why I was convinced I’d be the next big singing sensation! But the point I am trying to make is, I have spent all these years telling myself it’s OK, I’ve got time to do whatever and now I am realising that time is moving on and I am waiting for things to happen and what I should be doing is MAKING things happen. Also I need to give myself a little bit of credit for the things I have achieved in life, even if my ideas were a lot grander. So here are a few of my biggest achievements in my 24th year of life;

  • I planned and delivered the best Wedding anyone has ever been to (maybe a bit biased).
  • I got married to the love of my life Mr Glam.
  • I continued to live on the other side of the world.
  • I started my own blog, and kept it up, somewhat.
  • I became a stay at home wife and didn’t kill myself, Mr Glam or the dog.
  • I tried my hardest (and I am still trying) to be a happier, nicer, better person.

24 was a pretty big and exciting year for me as I got married, but there is so much more to my story and I am excited for my 25th year to be just as big and exciting. With that said I feel a little birthday sparkle coming over me:)

xo Emma.

P.s. I should say I got a little ‘woe is me’ with the birthday stuff, but Mr Glam did spoil me, he took me out to dinner on the weekend in LA & to a local Japanese restaurant on my actual birthday, bought me lovely gifts and even better – he got me a giant cookie. He’s a keeper.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! 25 will be a magical year I just know it – we’ll conquer it all and make everything umm..*sparkle*. There is still time for you to become a millionaire in your 20’s and blow it all by your 30’s..something I wish I had done in my youth (without the blowing it all by 30’s bit) :-(

    P.s. Wait till you get into your 30’s..now that’s a depressing blog post in the waiting!


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