Worth The Hype Wednesday – LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Removing Wipes

So I got my LA Fresh Makeup Removing wipes in my Sneak Peeq box that I got around Christmas and ever since I first tried them I fell in LOVE.

Items in SneakPeeq Box

On a day-to-day basis I tend to have on a lot of liquid liner on giving my signature winged eye look, I tight line my top lashes, finishing the look with lots of black mascara and if I am going out plenty smokey shadow. As I am sure you can imagine whilst it looks great (or I like to think so) its a nightmare to get off at the end of the day. Regular face wipes just don’t cut the mustard. I do usually use my Lancome eye makeup remover which is my holy grail, the oil in it helps slick my makeup off without me having to scrub my eyes and irritating the sensitive skin. It is a little pricey at $27 and about the same price in pounds in the UK so I am currently trying out different drugstore brands searching for a more affordable alternative. When I saw LA Fresh claimed to be good at removing eye makeup remover and waterproof eye makeup at that I was excited to give them a whirl.

They are by far the best wipes I’ve ever had and they definitely do what they say on the tin. You can buy a pack of LA Fresh Wipes for $9.99 which might seem a little expensive for 25 wipes HOWEVER unlike the eye makeup removers in the bottle these wipes clean your whole face. I did a little experiment, really put a heavy coverage foundation on, heavy bronzer, blusher, red lips and my eyeliner and it honestly only took one wipe and very light sweeping across my face. It didn’t even leave a red tinge on my lips it got everything off effortlessly.

The quality of the actual wipe is a lot better than regular wipes, it kind of feels a bit like a leather shammy (it isn’t) but thats how it feel. I have the Lavender scented wipes and although it is a little strong, they leave my face looking and smelling fresh. I will say that they leave your face very oily, I am assuming the oils are what get off the makeup so easily. I actually like the oily finish it leaves because it soaks in and makes my face feel soft and moisturized. If I was going out after using these wipes though I would probably just want to rinse my face off though as they doing leave your face with a serious shine.

I would definitely recommend the LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Removing Wipes especially if like me you wear quite heavy makeup and don’t want to spend 30 mins tugging on your skin, scrubbing trying to get it off at night!

Have you ever tried these wipes? Think they’re worth the hype? Will you be trying them now?

xo Emma.

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